Portrait of Tim Dolphen, co-founder of Axelior


Hi Tim, could you tell me more about you?

Hi, I’m Tim, a Belgian guy, living in Slovakia, off and on since 2013.
I’m passionate about food, culture, traveling and social life. Because of that, together with a friend, I recently bought a “chata” near Trnava.

Why are you currently settled in Slovakia, precisely in Trnava region?

Back in 2011, I did my Erasmus in Zlin, in the Czech Republic. I felt a strong connection with the culture and the people in the region and I saw the industrial potential for the future, and because of that, I came back to the region to work here.
Recently, I co-founded Axelior, a company focused on bringing improvement to our customers, using the full potential of machines and humans.

How comes are you connected with the Rugby Klub Bratislava?

I like rugby, as it is a sport in which completely different types of people need to cooperate together to obtain the best possible result.
Rugby Klub Bratislava is not only doing that, it is also an intercultural project, and I’m a big believer in that.
As being part of this intercultural community, I got in touch with Rugby Klub Bratislava.

Having a team building with Bratislava rugby in the middle of vineyards, rather original and cool as a concept, what do you think?

I think it’s a great idea ! It’s good to train together over a weekend, and combine this with some other fun activities. A nice location (and wine) always help to forge the bonds between the members of the team.

What could you expect positive for you in 2016, on the level with your business and personal?

You can wish me all the best with the development of our company, that’s my priority for this year.
At the same time, I want to take the opportunity to also wish you all the best with the development of Rugby Klub Bratislava.



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