Bratislava Rugby XV Sunday 13th December – 11.00-14.00 + recruitment

Rugby XV event 7s Open day Dec 2015 RKB fixtures

The Rugby Klub Bratislava will organize Sunday 13th December a rugby XV match, 80mn, with mixed teams from Zilina and Piestany (adults and juniors).

The main goal of this event is to give an opportunity to the juniors, our new members, and our friends and partners from Piestany and Zilina for gathering experiences, during a real Rugby XV match.

Possibility this event will attract new players, juniors and seniors, and makes the rugby community a bit stronger. Under the responsibility of the management of RKB, smart rules would be set with the safety of the youths, and beginners.

Program :

_11.00 Meeting (greetings, explanation of the specific rules)

_11.00-11.45 Warm up (scrum, line out, back line tactic, individual skills)

_11.45-13.30 Full rugby match with specific rules (simulated scrum no pushing, smart tackles for the safety of our youths) – 20mn, 20mn / half time / 20mn, 20mn

13.30-14.00 Celebration and rewards of the match, and specific rewards for RKB members.

Our location :

Google maps link location for the pitch

Slovan football pitch

Rugby XV event 7s Open day Dec 2015 RKB

Rugby Bratislava


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